On this page you'll find a collection of technical documents. Some are complete. Others are in draft stage. Now you can also download the disks that ship with each PAK in case you want to preview them or you can't find your original (NOTE: the PDF manuals are separate and not part of the ZIP files although they are on the actual disks.)

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PAK Technical Notes

ATTENTION: PAK-II and PAK-IX users should still read the PAK-I notes as the principle of operation is the same (although the PAK-II and IX have more capabilities than the PAK-I).


awceupd.htm - Updated product notes and design tips

compare.htm - PAK comparison chart

fpchoose.htm - Choosing a floating point coprocessor

paklogic.htm - Capture of protocol used by PAK-I, PAK-II, PAK-III, PAK-IV, PAK-VII, PAK-VIII, and PAK-IX.


pak8051.htm - Code provided by Yamel Cuevas to interface an 89C52 (an 8051/8052-compatibile processor) with a PAK-II. Could be adapted for any of the PAKs that use the SHIFTIN/SHIFTOUT protocol. Thanks Yamel!

Atmel AVR/ATMega

gccpak.htm - Using the PAK-II with gcc (in particular, an ATmega16 with gcc-avr)

avr.htm - Using a PAK with an Atmel AVR in assembly or BASCOM-AVR.

seabassapp.htm - Using the SeaBass compiler with the ATmega

Basic Stamp

paklib.htm - Using the PAK-I, II, or IX library

pak1bas.htm - Draft of a simple PAK-I, II, or IX program

paktemp.htm - Temperature measurement with a thermistor and a PAK-I (applicable to PAK-II and IX)

servo_bot.htm - Using a PAK-VIII to control a servo-driven robot (Parallax BoE-Bot)

pak6sim.htm - Simplest PAK-VI program

pak6app.pdf - PAK-VI Morse Code Keyboard Project

pak6mou.htm - Interfacing a mouse with a PAK-VI (BS2)

pak6mou1.htm - Another way to interface a mouse with a PAK-VIa

pak7app.htm - PAK-VII digital clock example

pak7quad.htm - Using the PAK-VII to read quadrature

pak9ex.htm - Some PAK-IX examples

pak9pid.htm - A PID controller with a PAK-IX

pak11note.htm - Using a PAK-XI

pak12app.htm - Using the PAK-XII

pak12mac.htm - Using PAK-XII macros


bx24.htm - Using a PAK VII with a BX-24. Could be adapted for any of the PAKs that use the SHIFTIN/SHIFTOUT protocol.


pakhc11.htm - Using a PAK with a Motorola 68HC11 with or without SBasic.

Javelin Stamp

pak1java.htm - Use the PAK-I with a Parallax Javelin Stamp


Octrix - Neil Durant's Web site has OOPIC code for efficiently driving the PAK-II.

ooppic7.htm - OOPIC code for the PAK-VII (should apply to PAKs I, II, III, IV, VIII, and IX also)


pak4pc.htm - Using a PAK-IV with a PC via the parallel port

pak5pc.htm - Using a PAK-V with a PC serial port.

PIC and Ubicom (Scenix) SX

pakif.htm - Interfacing other processors to the PAK protocol (including Microchip PIC and Scenix SX code)

picbasic.htm - Using PAKs with PIC Basic Pro (from MELabs). PAK-VIII example.

picbasic1.htm - Using the PAK-I (or II or IX) from PIC Basic Pro.

picbasic7.htm - Using the PAK-VII from PIC Basic Pro.

seabassapp.htm - Using the SeaBass compiler with the PIC


seabassapp.htm - Using the SeaBass compiler with the PIC

seabasslcd.htm - A SeaBass program with an interrupt timer and LCD output

sbrabbit.htm - Using the SeaBass compiler with Rabbit Semiconductor's Dynamic C

sbexample.zip - Latest examples for SeaBass

GP3 Technical Notes

Note: Documents and downloads are in the GP3 Center.

gp3.pdf - GP3 Manual (covers ALL GP-3 kits)

gp3intro.htm - Introduction to the GP3 PC I/O kit

gp3daq.htm - Simple DAQ system for the GP3

gp3-labview.htm - Using the GP3 with LabView

gp3excel.htm - Using the GP3 from Microsoft Excel.

gp3java.htm - Using the GP3 with Java or JavaScript for Windows or Linux.

gp3vb.htm - Using the GP3 with Microsoft Visual Basic Express

rlyco.html - A relay math coprocessor for the PC (posted on a April 1, 2013)

gp3-gambas.html - Using the GP3 with Gambas (a Linux RAD tool)

tutorial.htm - GP3EZ tutorial

gp3ez_blink.html - VIDEO: Using GP3EZ

gp3ez.chm - WINHELP: GP3EZ help file

gp3ezhelp - GP3EZ help (html)

gp3tempdemo.html - Putting a temperature on the Web demo with GP3EZ

webdemo2.html - GP3EZ temperature to Web demo #2

gp3net.htm - Use a GP3 over the network

robot0.html - Simple GP3EZ robot.

robot1.html - GP3EZ script for robot (avoid walls).

YouTube - GP3EZ Robot Video.

YouTube - GP3EZ Robot explained.

YouTube - GP3EZ explained.

Kit Technical Notes

atf15.htm - Using the ABX84 with Atmel ATF15 CPLDs.

app2.htm - Resources for APP-II PIC programming chip.

app2pgm.htm - Using the APP-II to program other PICs.

app2pbp.htm - Using the APP-II with PIC Basic Pro.

app2java.htm - Using the APP-II with Linux (or any supported Java OS).

avrjtag.htm - Using our Xilinx JTAG adapter to program AVR processors via JTAG or serial programming.

cbasic.htm - Using the APP-IV C programming kit with the Parallax Basic Stamp

fetrly.htm - Switching with FETs or the KP1 relay board

gp7temp.htm - Reading temperature with a two wire thermometer and a GP-7

gp9demo.htm - Windows/Linux GP9 demo using Qt

gpbeacon.htm - A CW beacon/keyer using PIC Basic Pro and a GPMPU28 board

gpmpu40cfg.htm - Sample GPMPU40 configurations

npdaqdemo.htm - NetPorter data acquisition example.

npdaqax.htm - NetPorter ActiveX DLL example.

netporterex.htm - Example of interfacing a caller ID modem to the Internet with NetPorter.

gp8051.htm - Using the GPMPU40 with any processor.


app2.pdf - Manual for APP-II (original)

app2b.pdf - Manual for APP-IIb

app5.pdf - Manual for APP-V

gpmpu28.pdf - PIC prototype board

gpmpu40.pdf - Universal MPU board

gp1.pdf - Serial PS/2 LCD terminal

gp3.pdf - PC interface kit (covers ALL GP-3 types)

gp4.pdf - Servo controller kit

gp5.pdf - Position indicator kit

gp9.pdf - GP 9 manual

kp1.pdf - Manual for KP1 relay board

netporter.pdf - Manual for NetPorter

netporterdaq.pdf - NetPorter DAQ board

pak1.pdf - Manual for PAK-I (8-bit math)

pak2.pdf - Manual for PAK-II (16-bit math)

pak3.pdf - Manual for PAK-III (8-bit I/O)

pak4.pdf - Manual for PAK-IV (16-bit I/O)

pak5c.pdf - Manual for PAK-Vb and PAK-Vc (PWM; new version)

pak6a.pdf - Manual for PAK-VIa (PS/2 input; new version)

pak7b.pdf - Manual for PAK-VIIa (Pulse input; new version)

pak8a.pdf - Manual for PAK-VIIIa (Pulse output; new version)

ppak8.pdf - Manual for PicoPAK-VIII (Servo)

pak9.pdf - Manual for PAK-IX (A/D; supersedes addendum below)

pak10.pdf - Manual for PAK-X (Data acquisition)

pak11.pdf - Manual for PAK-XI (Position sensor)

pak12.pdf - Manual for PAK-XII (Floating point)

seabass.pdf - Manual for SeaBass (Basic compiler)

The following manuals are obsolete, but included for those who may still have these parts. For new designs, please select the newer version above.

pak5.pdf - Manual for PAK-V (PWM; original version)

pak5b.pdf - Manual for PAK-Vb (PWM; superseded by PAK-Vc)

pak6.pdf - Manual for PAK-VI (PS/2 input; original version)

pak7.pdf - Manual for PAK-VII (Pulse input; original version)

pak7a.pdf - Manual for PAK-VIIa (Pulse input; A version)

pak8.pdf - Manual for PAK-VIII (Pulse output; original version)

pak9add.htm - PAK-II manual addendum for PAK-IX (A/D; superseded by new manual)

Disk Images

All files on current CDROM: cdrom

These are the files that ship with each PAK.

pak1disk.zip pak2disk.zip pak3disk.zip pak4disk.zip

pak6disk.zip pak7disk.zip pak8disk.zip pak9disk.zip



suart.htm - Using a Maxim 3110 UART with the Stamp

Firecracker - Using an X-10 Firecracker with a BS2

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