Note: The GP3EZ software has its own GP3EZ Center


Photos of GP3 boards and options


GPMPU28 Manual

GPMPU40 Manual

Introduction to the GP3: covers basics, Visual Basic, ASP, WSH, and more

Using the GP-3 with LabView: Easy to use sub VIs for working with the GP-3 in LabView

Using the GP-3 under Linux with GNUPlot: No programming. Just some shell scripts and you can plot with GNUPlot in real time.

Using the GP-3 as a data logger: GP3EZ makes it easy to customize a data logger with no programming required.

Beta: Program the GP-3 in stand alone mode without GP3EZ

The GP3 and Visual Basic Express: find out how to use the GP3 with Microsoft's free Visual Basic Express

The GP3 and Excel: find out how to acquire data with a GP3 and Excel

Using the GP3 with Java or JavaScript: You can use the GP3's JavaScript interpreter to write quick test programs or use Java under Windows, Linux or any supported Java OS.

Networking a GP3 - Using a GP3 over a LAN or the Internet for remote control and sensing.

Dot Net/C Sharp Oscilloscope - Michael Gold writes about creating a scope with C Sharp and a GP-3 on the C# Corner Web site.

Dot Net Voltmeter - Another Michael Gold article using the GP3 as a stylish voltmeter (C#).

Dot Net Recorder - Another Gold article with a solar power twist.

Internet Temperature Yet another Gold article. This one measures temperature over the Internet with a GP3.

Using the GP3 with tcl/tk. Shows use of SWIG which is useful for other languages too.

rlyco.html - A relay math coprocessor for the PC (posted on a April 1, 2013)

Physical Computing with Linux: A Rapid Approach using Gambas Use a RAD tool under Linux to automatically dismiss your screen saver when you approach your computer.


Free DAQ Software

Core library install (includes OCX, DLL, and all required files, plus demo exe)

NEW: GP3EZ (released 20 Dec 2007) point and click configuration of the GP3.

GP3.OCX (released 3 Mar 2004) already included in above download. See update page for details.

Linux/Cygwin/Windows example (perfect starting point for writing your own custom libraries). Updated 19 Dec 2008 to include Linux shared library support and bug fixes. Now with documentation (download local copy).

Library for GP3/Pi. Same documentation as above

Arduino library (actually two libraries; one uses the standard SoftwareSerial library by default and the other--GP3Port--requires you to build your own port object in case you want to use another serial library and not include SoftwareSerial in your project).

Source for temperature demo (Visual Basic)

Source for chart recorder demo (Visual Basic)

Visual C++/MFC demo (uses ActiveX)

Spreadsheet example (requires ActiveX DLL)

Standard non-ActiveX DLL (use C, C++, or DECLARE in VB)

Java object (includes JavaScript interpreter!)

Another GP-3 robot


GP3EZ Robot

Introduction to GP3EZ

Detailed using GP3EZ

Using the GP3 with LabView

GP3 reading pots under Linux (Gambas)

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