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PWM outputs are great for lighting control, motor control, or generating analog outputs, but they tax your microcontroller, right? With the GP-9 you can get 8 channels of PWM output with minimal overhead on your main CPU. In fact, in many applications you don't even need a microcontroller! The GP-9 reads 5 analog inputs (for example, pots) and outputs a PWM signal proportional to the analog input on one of 5 PWM channels. In addition, a computer can use simple serial commands to read the analog inputs or control 3 independent PWM outputs. In addition, the host computer can take control of any of the 5 PWM channels that are normally controlled by the analog inputs. A jumper selects if the device starts in a stand alone mode or waits for computer commands.

8 bit, 5V analog inputs (5 separate inputs)

8 PWM outputs (5 can be controlled by analog inputs)

Simple register-based protocol for control

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Windows/Linux demo

Please note that this is a kit and does require soldering and basic electronic tools. This allows you to customize the board to fit your needs. All the parts are through hole, and the solder masked board is very easy to assemble. If you prefer to "roll your own" you can also purchase the chip and resonator. Note the chip requires your own TTL-level serial port and 5V supply to operate.

Add to Cart GP-9 complete kit $49.95 each

Add to Cart GP-9 chip and resonator only $19.95 each

Add to Cart Serial cable (DB9 female to male, 6') $8.99

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