Check out our free software for controlling the GP3: GP3EZ.

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Key Features

• Sense and control from the PC• Point and click interface -- no programming!
• Compile scripts to the GP3 to run without the PC• Optional state machine support
• Optional TCP server for user interface (v1.5+)• Built in Debugger

Downloads: (version 1.5, updated 4 Feb 2008) - The setup program (requires Windows and .Net 3.5)
GP3EZ 1.6 for Windows and Linux (18 April 2009) - Windows users, install 1.5 and then replace the EXE file with this one. Linux users, install Mono first (if not already installed) and execute this file with mono.
gp3ez.chm [right click and select Save As] - Help file for GP3EZ (included in the above; download if you want a preview or read the help online)
Example of using TCP server to provide a user interface using Visual Basic Express


GP3EZ Robot (more details coming soon).
Simple script for robot (roll forward and stop)
Script for robot in video (find something and turn)
Another GP3EZ robot
Live Web temperature reading demo
Using GP3EZ to build a simple but customizable data logger
Another Web-based demo
How to use GP3EZ to remotely sense and control over a LAN or the Internet
GP3 User's Group

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